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7 Popular Types of Packaging Boxes, Choose the Right One

7 Popular Types of Packaging Boxes, Choose the Right One

No matter what kind of packages you want to send, there are boxes out there that would fit your needs perfectly. Knowing the kind of packaging boxes is another story.

There are a lot of elements that all kinds of custom boxes have in common. These factors work together to enhance the overall brand experience.

So, without wasting much time, let’s dive into the most common type of packaging boxes and how they appear to keep the product safe. We will also explore how these products will help in creating the perfect branding experience.

Folding Carton Boxes.

Folding Cartons can be used mainly to package expensive products. Today, folding cartons are among the most common and popular types of boxes out there. The reasons are quite obvious as well.

Commonly known as product boxes, these paperboard boxes are used for most kinds of product packaging you see in the market. These boxes have a tuck flap on both ends of the boxes. These carton packaging usually have tuck flaps on one of the ends of the box. Whether you can ship clothes, candles, or other lightweight items, they are a great way to securely get into the hands of the customer.

Rigid Boxes

Rigid Custom Printed Boxes are a stronger and more durable option for your product. They are made from stronger materials so they cannot be collapsed as traditional boxes do. They help soften things up a bit and make things more attractive for the consumers. Rigid boxes are separately wrapped up in something else which enhances the brandable look.

Full Overlap Boxes

These styles have outside flaps which overlap the width of the box, this adds incredible durability and provides excellent service which would help you in getting fully creative. This would help you create the best of both worlds when it comes to packaging.

Telescope Boxes

These types of Custom Printed Boxes come in two parts and much in the same way that a telescoping lid covers the lens. These boxes can have their lids removed just like telescopes. Many of these boxes are boxed in a way to give the unboxing feeling and the sophisticated to the moment.

Collapsible Boxes

Collapsible boxes are popular with manufacturers and consumers alike. The product manufacturers offer a great deal of flexibility in terms of how they can be designed and they can lend themselves well to certain branding initiatives.

Customers love them because they can easily be collapsed and can possibly be reused as well. Additionally, their collapsible nature makes them easier to ship as well.

Roll End Tuck Top Boxes

Although the name of this type of box is rather complicated. But the way it works is perfect as it is quite functional. You can simply assemble the box without the need for glue or tape, and the box holds perfectly by simply folding the tuck ends and tucking them into the front.

Baked goods are often shipped using the style of the box, and the customization options are truly limitless on this. The top of the boxes can be transparent so that the customer could see the inside view of the product and make the purchase.

Mailer Boxes

These kinds of boxes are the ones that can be shipped directly in the mail. They will not be needing any additional packaging. When the customer receives those beautiful subscription boxes, they would definitely be delivered to you in stunning mailer boxes.

Shoulder Boxes

Shoulder boxes are the kind of boxes that cannot be seen quite often. The lid and the base of these boxes do not touch and the middle part of the box is where the product is stored. This part is the one known as the shoulders. We can be using different colors in the middle is a great way to make the boxes more appealing and help them stand it even more.

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