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6 Cheapest Ways to Print PVC Bags in Bulk with Eco-Friendly Manners

6 Cheapest Ways to Print PVC Bags in Bulk with Eco-Friendly Manners

PVC material is very common and widely used in making different products. Read some of the perfect Ways to Print PVC Bags in Bulk.


In the manufacturing process of PVC, saltwater, because of electrolysis produces chlorine. This chlorine then mixes with ethylene obtained from oil. A combination of chlorine and ethylene makes ethylene chloride. This material is a very high temperature converted into a vinyl chloride monomer.

These monomer molecules are polymerized and form polyvinyl chloride. It can be hard and rigid, or it can be soft and flexible. It is water-resistant and durable.

PVC material is very common and widely used in making a different products. It has built a huge industry. PVC picket fencing is used in making pipes, flooring, medical equipment, and much more. 

PVC Handbags’ Advantages:

PVC bags are not produced with the skin of animals like leather handbags. While purchasing the bags, some factors like safety hazards, durability, and eco-friendly should be considered by women.

PVC bags surely contain chemicals including lead and mercury. These things can produce cancer. On the other hand, leather bags are less harmful. Similarly, PVC bags are not as durable as leather bags.

The leather bag may change its shape and colors, but the PVC bags will eventually crack. There is a worldwide campaign to save the planet from environmental hazards; plastic is one of them.

PVC is not eco-friendly. PVC plastic is usually called vinyl, and this type of clothing is commonly known as vinyl clothing. It is a plastic-coated fabric. The most popular are polyester fabrics.

There are many kinds of printed PVC handbags available in the market. Some everyday items are plastic shopping bags, plastic merchandise bags, fabric pouches, and reusable PVC bags.

Custom-printed PVC bags are the best way to promote your business. Custom printing shopping PVC bags and take-out bags spread your brand name naturally.

As plastic bag printing makes the PVC bag most beautiful and attractive to the customers, here we mention the best way of printing on plastic material at a low cost.

Polyethene material is the standard plastic used for rigid packing. Plastic printing is always a challenge, but it is easily achievable by using some traditional techniques.

Digital Ink Jet Printing:

Plastic or PVC is a fantastic material with beautiful properties. But printing is somewhat tricky. Hindered of different types of plastic exist with their characteristics and composition.

Several other plastic printing methods and processes are available. In the printing industry, digital printing technology has had great advancement. It broadened the scope of printing the digits and words.

Digital Ink-Jet is one of the most advanced techniques, which enables you to provide high-quality printing on plastic material. For such a printing minimum, a set is required.

However, the Jet Ink printer is somewhat expensive, so in bulk, it is not cost-effective. Regular Jet Ink soaks into the paper, but Jet Ink dried due to evaporation and making it possible to print onto almost all kinds of plastic material.

Screen Printing:

The rise of digital printing reduces the demand for traditional screen printing. But it is still viable. Screen printing uses the blocking stencils on a fine silk mesh through which ink is transferred to the substrate’s stencil design.

The ink is dried under high-powered light. The screen-printing is cheap, but the drawback of this is the low quality of image printing.

Flexo Printing:

Flexo printing is a form of the printing process, which utilizes a flexible relief plate. It is the advanced form of letterpress, which is useful for printing almost all substrate types, including plastic. Flexo printing is fast and cost-effective.

It is very much suitable for printing thinner and flexible substrates such as plastic PVC bags. Flexo printing gives you high quality compared to screen printing, but it does not show you the best image printing quality. Jet Ink printing is the best to produce high-resolution image printing.

Ultra Violet (UV) Litho Printing:

Ultraviolet printing is an advanced form of litho printing. It has many benefits over simple litho printing. It is capable of achieving high-definition images in a broad spectrum of colors.

It uses the UV drying method, which dried the ink onto the surface of plastic material. UV litho printing technology is somewhat expensive and time-consuming but runs quickly and saves time and money. Therefore, it is cost-effective also. It is useful for long-run production.

Pad Printing:

This is the simplest way of printing. The image is imprinted or fixed onto the silicone plate, swamped with ink, and then wiped clean. The surface of the ink becomes tacky or shabby. It causes stickiness to the printing pad and then seals that side of the ink film.

The place is then pressed onto the plastic material, leaving the image behind. Pad printing is the best way to 2D images onto 3D objects.

By his method, you can print onto the bottle, ball rules, etc. Single-color pad printing is the cheapest way of the printing process. Multiple color pad printing will also be economical.

Laser Printing:

A laser printer can also be used for printing on flexible and soft plastic material. It should be prudent that plastic material must be compatible with a laser printer. Sometimes inside the laser printer, it becomes very hot, and the plastic sheet may be melted while printing.

For the durability of laser, printing you must use an inkjet printer because a laser printer can burn your plastic sheet. You can achieve it with custom printing and packaging. It may destroy both printers and plastic sheets as well.

Printing on plastic is somewhat tricky; if the printer is low on ink, then the print will be illegible. Hope you love reading “Ways to Print PVC Bags in Bulk”

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