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Are you targeting customers who frequently visit or give books to used bookstores and libraries and are tired of dog-eared books? Worry no more. Best Custom Boxes has got your back. Pop your books open to the right page with our sturdy Bookmarks available in several customizable shapes and sizes.

Other than being useful, these unique bookmarks are also beautiful, fun and engaging. These are perfect for just about any reader- from a student to a book junkie to a book club member who loves sharing his/her books around.


While the standard size for bookmarks is 5-8 cm in width and 12-21 cm in length, Best Custom Boxes customizes your bookmarks in any size you ask for. We source the best available thick paper (about 150 to 250gsm) in the market and cut your bookmarks with utmost attention to detail and design.

If you opt for recycled or natural paper there’s no need for additional finishes, but Best Custom Boxes also provide you with the option to choose coated paper that is sturdier with UV lamination added. Want to enhance your bookmark’s appeal by adding a metallic string or thread? Ask us and we’ll do it.

Want your bookmark to feature a famous painting? Or maybe you want to target Harry Potter Fans with a collection based on the series? That one Jane Austen quote stuck with you? Want to show solidarity to feminists or Marxists?

Tell us and we will base your bookmarks around your fancy. Your creativity will never be more entertained than here at Best Custom Boxes.

We print our Bookmarks using state of the art inkjets so your customers can use them without being worried about the smudged text. Any further queries?

Contact our Customer Service Representatives who are available round the clock to assist you. We offer free shipping and design revisions to our valued customers as well as the lowest wholesale price on bulk orders.

Custom Bookmarks

Custom Bookmarks can be availed in all custom shapes and sizes. So you can actually put your creative skills to the test in order to come up with the most intricate and the most out of the way design. Modern printing technology has enabled man to achieve what was once thought to be absolutely impossible and out of question. Such complex designs have been converted into printed realities that a person is at times left completely baffled and spellbound by the beauty of the printed artwork. So is the case with Bookmarks, companies, brands, and social cause promotions are promoted. And socialized through them in the most brilliant and high tech designs both in terms of structural diversity and printing variations.

Classy graphics are printed on thematically stylized Bookmarks that ate true to life and picture perfect. They are diverse in their utility and can be utilized for a number of purposes apart from just bookmarking. Bookmarks are an ideal choice to be utilized as a promotional tool since they have the capability of reaching a wide range of consumers. If your Bookmark is carefully designed. And conveys the aptest message that expresses your cause or purpose in the most comprehensive and concise manner then. It can actually serve as a serviceable publicity piece of cardboard for you.

The standard size of a Bookmark is 2″ x 6″ and 3″ x 7″ which is most commonly printed on a standard 100 or 80lb card stock. However, these standards and customs can be customized in complete alliance to your design and purpose requirements and demands. Bookmarks can be made weather resistant by applying UV coating on them. If you require, a wire or thread sling can be added to them with a metal button holder that gives extra convenience, utility, and beauty to your customized Bookmarks. Numerous publishers have their own personalized Bookmarks that are given away as complementary items. These Bookmarks serve not only as a utility item at that time but also as a great informative tool containing information about the other publishing of that publisher. At times, these Bookmarks also carry some special discounts and deals that a publisher might be offering.

best custom boxes co offers top quality Bookmarks in all custom shapes and sizes at extremely affordable rates and the best possible quality. Our Bookmarks are long-lasting and durable and do not curl off or fade away with usage and time. We offer free UV coating on our Bookmarks so that they remain unharmed from weather and environmental damages. Our professionally trained team of designers is completely aware of what is trending in the market and tries their level best to come up with the trendiest and the most in fashion designs for your Bookmarks.

Our desiccated customer support staff is efficiently available for our clients round the clock to resolve and eliminate all their concerns and queries. We offer Bookmarks at wholesale rates as well depending on the order quantity. We print our Bookmarks on the best quality Cardboard which is quality tested and is accepted worldwide for its quality and durability. We print our Bookmarks using state of the art inkjets. So that their printing doesn’t get hampered or smudged while usage and handling. We offer free shipping and design revisions to our valued customers.



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