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Succinctly giving insight to what your business offers, Best Custom Boxes bring to you customizable brochures which are a highly effective tool to lure customers away from your competitors.

A single sheet commonly seen on shelves or racks, a brochure is a type of leaflet featuring information about a company, an event, a campaign, a product or a service. You can have your brochures be made in a bi-fold, a tri-fold, a c-fold or a z-fold.

In today’s digitally empowered world one might question the purpose of a brochure but a skilled marketing strategist knows just how crucial they can be in getting the word across about your business.

Best Custom Boxes design brochures that educate people in stores, bus stops, and just about anywhere in an effort to turn them into loyal customers. Our competitive graphic designers never sacrifice quality. Be it a skincare brand or a fast-food chain our designers’ artistic capability will innovatively communicate your brand’s objective to the target audience.


We put extra effort into making all aspects of your brochure unique and original so it stands out even when shuffled with others. Best Custom Boxes promises to strengthen your brand’s identity through creating fully customizable, top-quality brochures. Does your company have a signature font that resonates with the business’ vibe? Or perhaps you want to jazz things up a bit and use a mixture of fonts.

Tell us and we’ll do accordingly. Our content team will keep you from making the brochure overwhelming by helping you pinpoint an interest so the readers can easily grasp what you’re communicating to them. Our priority is always the growth of your customer base.

While glossy paper is the most obvious choice for a brochure, Best Custom Boxes also manufactures them using matte paper. With the lowest available price on the market, a team readily available to assist you anytime you desire and perks like extra shipping on bulk orders we can confidently say that Best Custom Boxes is the best choice for all your brochure needs!

Brochures Printing

A brochure referred commonly as a pamphlet is a type of booklet which imparts important information about an organization. Brochures are preferably employed for giving an introduction of a company. Different products’ attributes can be easily conveyed to potential buyers using brochures. These are sent through the mail, handed over personally, or placed in a particular rack which aids people to take their desired information.

The concurrently used brochure types are bi-fold and tri-fold. The bi-fold brochures have text printed on 4 panels, whereas the trifold has 6 panels of information. The ‘four color’ printing technique is used in the printing of these brochures and sturdy glossy material is preferred, however, the matte option is also available.

You can associate with your customers through your signature custom brochures. These brochures permit you to give your brand’s information and product’s features with much dexterity. If you want to stand out from your competitors and want to create a permanent impression on your customers. Brochures are the most viable medium of marketing for these purposes. Custom brochures can be designed in any color and because they are printed on sturdy materials they add an enduring and striking feeling. People can remember a certain brand or product if they have brochures with them.

Moreover, a new product launch can be perfectly nailed with these custom brochures. If you hand over the brochures to people in overcrowded streets, People will throw them away. If you want the brochures to work distribute them via mail or hand them over where people are not in a rush. Instead of too much detail relevant and concise information is always impressionable.


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