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Gable Bags

Gable Bags

Gable boxes are mostly used for promotional stuff. The gable boxes are made in such a way that they can be folded down into a flat shape. Allowing them to have more storage. Moreover, the bottom of the gable box can be re-stored by stretching out the bag. We also have the ability to give custom die cut windows over the bags for product visibility.

Custom Gable Bags

Gable bags are most commonly used for delivering promotional items. They are also ideal for the packaging of takeaway food items since they have an auto lock handle at their top which closes to take the shape of the complete bag. This lock has the shape of a gable and that is why these boxes are named gable boxes.

Gable boxes are very convenient and handy to carry around and therefore. They are considered to be the most suitable packaging product for the packaging of ready to eat meals. They can easily carry the food and the aiding utensils required for its consumption. Furthermore, their built in handle makes it easy for the consumer to carry them even if the items packaged inside of them are not suitable to be handled manually.



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